KPCC Rustic Flags Rustic American flags

 These Patriotic, beautifully handcrafted Wooden Rustic American Flag range from standard sizes to fully custom size to your specs.

They are made out of 1.25" aggressively thick knotty pine edge glued Boards. They are sanded, and have 1/4" deep black groove cuts to seperate each stripe and the union field.  Sanded, dyed and then finished with Lacquer to whatever sheen you would's your flag, have it how you want it.

Want a customized size, contact us and let’s get you the size you want. 

You can get a rustic burnt accent plaque or go full color with many options of how modern or rustic you want it to look. These aggressive and solid plaques will look amazing inside on your wall or outside on the front of your home. 

Pricing starts at $99.99, don't let these beautiful pieces pass you by.  Custom hand made Wooden American Flags from Knotty Pine Cedar Chest LLC. in Northwest Ohio!!

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